What Next for Chael Sonnen?

After his humiliating defeat at the hands of UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen has very few options left in front of him. His defeat at the hands of Silva at UFC 148 was his second defeat to the champion and the way the 37 year old Brazilian is still fighting, it doesn’t seem that he will be giving up his UFC Middleweight Championship in a hurry, at least not before he retires in a year’s time.

But that just might be too long a time to wait for Sonnen, who is yet to win a major championship during his stint at the UFC and time is running out for him to make his mark in the Mixed Martial Arts circuit. And one of the options that Chael Sonnen has in front of him is a switch in division, which he could easily do and a switch to the UFC Light Heavyweight division might just be the impetus he needs to boost his title winning chances.

Having started off his career in the UFC in the 205lbs division, a move up the weight category might not be too hard for the America. However, there also, he faces an adversary in the form of Jon Jones, who has been a dominant force much like Silva in the Middleweight division. Although some sections of the media claim that Sonnen is contemplating retiring from fighting, he is yet to make it official.

Moreover, according to Chael Sonnen himself he still has a couple of fights left in him and a fresh start in a new division might just turn out to be an inspired decision as he looks to leave a lasting legacy in the industry where he made a name for himself.