Wanderlei Silva gets in Chael Sonnen’s face UFC Fight Night w/ Dana White by Dogged TV

Chael Sonnen Video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva gets in Chael Sonnen’s face UFC Fight Night w/ Dana White by Dogged TV”

  1. ikantspelgud1 says:

    To anyone who thinks Chael is scared of Wanderlei: Go watch their season of
    TUF Brazil. You’ll see that Wanderlei is the true pussy.

  2. chuey1988 . says:

    Props to Wandy for calling Chael out on the shit talk on Brazil and the
    Nogueira brothers. That was called for.

    What was not called for was saying the “lose your teeth” and “we don’t know
    about the future”. I feel like that shit really got under Chael’s skin and
    it all escalated from there. Wandy had to throw a few threats in there
    which was totally unnecessary. I think all that shit escalated because of
    Wandy throwing those threats in there. 

  3. blackamericaninchina says:

    he checked him brazilian style LOL. ive been to brazil, they dont play
    games there man. they’re passionate people, they have no problems with
    loving and fighting. 

  4. Jacuns says:

    You can tell Chael has no idea what he’s saying….

  5. Oscar Morales says:

    damn Sonnen hella cock blocked with the daughter/wife comment lol haha

  6. ghubbz36 says:

    Mr. Potato Head knows better than to get in the American Gangsters face.

  7. ChrisM1234 says:

    Chael’s a defensive fighter. He studies competition to see what kind of
    trick he can pull. He’s boring.

    Wand, on the other hand, is legendary for bringing killer action to the

  8. Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

    You have Respect, You Don’t Lose your Teeth Hhaahahahhahahahahahaha Lol 🙂
    Good one Silva.

    In Italia we say You have Respect, You don’t be Pigfood Hahahahahahah

  9. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Thank you for blowing out my goddamn speakers

  10. Fullpowe911 says:


  11. cory lyons says:

    In america we say “have respect”…whats with all these dumbass saying all
    these countrys have…!!!

  12. Vlad Mateescu says:

    Silvas a faggot learn how to speak English you monkey looking fucker

  13. Acexwanderer says:

    Who is the girl in the car with them?

  14. tlc kijiji says:

    Love Wanderlei

  15. Misael Perez says:

    Whats the beginning music?

  16. Slicky Ricky says:

    lol cheal backed down like a bitch

  17. Powercatsquirrel says:

    Chael should buy an organ grinder. You know the rest. That hat! Too funny.

  18. John Doe says:

    Nobody ever mentions the fact Wanderlei was on a crutch unable to walk,
    yeah I’m sure Chael Sonnen was shaking listening to Wanderlei butcher the
    English language. Try watching the video without reading the subtitles you
    can barely understand a word Wanderlei is saying

  19. Hunter Ozman says:

    Chael looks scared already.

  20. Citizenrichie says:

    I’m from nyc and spent a lot of time in Brazil in the 1990’s and early
    2000’s. Coolest people on the earth.

    I think it’s surprising to a lot Americans that Brazilians don’t pay much
    mind to the goings on of the United States.

    America is eventually going to look like Brazil. 

  21. Carlos Garcia says:

    Look at chaels phone at 2.50

  22. acdclife94 says:

    in this video wanderlei speaks in a calm and respectful matter. He asks him
    nicely and calm to stop. Chael doesn’t talk about Brazil anymore, he moved
    on and doesn’t even have a problem with Anderson anymore. But recently it
    seems like Wanderlei has been starting shit again and being aggressive
    towards Chael. It probably all for the promotion but still Wanderlei is in
    the wrong now.

  23. Justin C says:

    LOL at “in Chael Sonnen’s face”. Kudos to Chael for not laughing himself
    silly when Wanda ‘threatened’ him.

  24. iRuckiz says:

    watch the car scene with chael and wanderlei without looking at the
    subtitles at all, like literally just minimize the screen or turn away and
    try to figure out what the hell wanderlei is saying some parts are just
    impossible lol i can tell chael was telling the truth when he said he truly
    could not make out what wanderlei was saying to him :P


    InBrazil we say u loose teeth no respect. In america we say we disrespect u
    and i keep my teeth. Accept chael of course. He say i respect so i dont
    loose teeth. He say sure, “thank you”. LMAo