Vieira, The New Opponent Of Chael Sonnen

For Chael Sonnen, it is being the wild ride.

The ADCC has made the announcement on Tuesday night that upcoming opponent of Sonnen, Frank Mir, is out of the fixed super fight scheduled between the fellow Bellator fighters at the ADCC World Championships, which is going to take place next month.

So, after the quit Frank Mir, Sonnen now officially had two opponents drop out and not the one from the super fight.

However, it is not Sonnen is would not be seen fighting in the championship, instead the good news is that head coach of CheckMat Leo Vieira, who is also the and the two-time ADCC world champion has taken and answered the call. He is ready to take on “The American Gangster”. The match is scheduled to take place on 24th of September in Finland. 

In spite of being outweighed by over 50 pounds, Vieira is not a stranger to grab a heavier opponent. In a fight, he took on a Mark Kerr, who was +99kg in ADCC 2000 and registered the wins over Ryan Hall, Eddie Bravo, Matt Serra and Baret Yoshida many others. He is the fighter who is known for his extremely great gripping power in the world and it will be interesting to see, it he will be able to take Sonnen.

More details of the championship as well as the fight is available on the internet as well as on the website of ADCC. One can check the website to get more details about the event and the matches that are going to take place in it.

ADCC World Championship of 2017 super fights will feature following things:

  • Main Superfight: Andre Galvao vs. Claudio Calasans.
  • Stars Superfight #1: Chael Sonnen vs. Leo Vieira.
  • Stars Superfight #2: Renzo Gracie vs. Sanae Kikuta.