UFC Connected: Chael Sonnen exclusive sitdown – Part 1

Chael Sonnen Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “UFC Connected: Chael Sonnen exclusive sitdown – Part 1”

  1. Robespierr says:

    @kev540 lol what are you talking about? Sonnen even dominated the stand up part of the fight.

  2. kev540 says:

    Chael Sonnen hits like a bitch. He may be a great wrestler but that is all. In the fight vs Silva, Sonnen did manage to dominate, but it was only buy holding him to the ground. If he had managed to hold him there until the end he would’ve won but it would’ve been a shit way to win. Anytime they were standing it looked like Silva was gona K.O him. If you look at their faces at the end of the fight who looked like they had lost, Sonnen. Sonnen hits like a BITCH. SILVA IS UNDISPUTED CHAMPION.

  3. mitchskater says:

    That interviewer is weirding me out…

  4. Greensery says:

    I think Rampage is the slow one.

  5. Kneekicka says:

    Chael is the man

  6. krnk4life says:

    @kentuckykid270 dude thank you SO MUCH for saying this!! i agree SO much!! it feels so good to me to meet other people that understand who the fuck silva is and where he stands….

  7. kentuckykid270 says:

    @krnk4life Chael beat the brakes off of Silva for 24 minutes, and then got comfortable and got caught… Anderson is an arrogant piece of shit, and I cant wait for him to get beat down by either Chael (again) or Brian Stann…. Either one works for me. Anderson Silva is a trash bag, and if he somehow keeps the lucky horseshoe up his ass long enough to win his next fight, then GSP will retire him, and the world will be a better place.

  8. source1zero says:

    Who is this stupid spanker host?? Speak like a normal human being you douchebag, can you imagine sitting speaking to this guy at a party????

  9. RaphialLee says:

    @krnk4life lol you don’t even know Anderson Silva. tell me the truth about Silva. what is he cocky, disrespectful in the cage. come on he respect his opponents after the fight. If you say Cheals is more respectful then Silva lol I’m not responding back

  10. RaphialLee says:

    please some one just shut him up

  11. Tris67 says:

    when someone is slow you pity them eh Rampage? What a moron.

  12. krnk4life says:

    @WadeGHamilton thanks so much for agreeing with me. its SOOOO nice to meet someone who see’s silva for who he fuckin is. dam i feel good meeting other people that understand lol. have a good one buddy

  13. WadeGHamilton says:

    @krnk4life Dude I couldn’t agree with you more, you don’t need to explain that to me lol. The only top notch fighters Silva has fought was Dan Henderson who controlled him for the entire first round then gassed out from punching him like he usually does, then Chael Sonnen who controlled him for 23 minutes. I agree he is avoiding the LHW div cause he knows he will lose. He is fighting guys like Okami and Mia and Belfort (who never fought in the UFC at MW before… it’s a joke

  14. marlonjefersondasily says:

    Brazilians who have in this sport, like football the best athletes are from Brazil. Brazilians are the best in mma.and as chael sonnen at UFC ANDERSON SILVA said river … will never be, never will be.The Silva will destroy sonnen as it did in the first fight….

  15. krnk4life says:

    @WadeGHamilton Anderson is “RANKED” the best p4p fighter but that doesnt mean that he is…..look at andersons record….he hasnt fought ANY fighter as his peak let alone any “good” fighters….his portfolio isnt very impressive…and his team keeps avoiding all the fighters they know would beat anderson. sonnen explains it all, and it makes ALOT of sense. its like a puzzle sonnen figured out that no one else could..

  16. dratsabREVIEWS says:

    @robang101 Rampage can’t fight off his back, if anything, Rampage would be an easier fight for Chael.

  17. WadeGHamilton says:

    @krnk4life yes back in the day he has, and was considered the p4p best, just as anderson is now. get over it.

  18. JBKING805 says:

    @krnk4life I agree wit some things you’re but regardless of wat U say Silva won the fight he still has the belt until sonnen iz champion i’ll agree wit u. If Chael Sonnen iz a greater fighter than anderson how come Anderson destroyed every fighter chael lossed to if they face off again Anderson will know wat to do wt him this time like he does with every fighter who gives him problems the first time they fight. Silva always has a game plan for the next time they fight. like he did okami.

  19. krnk4life says:

    @JBKING805 he’s not cocky for no reason…NO ONE in the whole world is cocky for no reason…sonnen kicked silva’s ass, and he dominated 95% of the fight, to me that makes him better then silva….

  20. krnk4life says:

    @WadeGHamilton why is fedor 1 of your favourite fighters? he hasnt beaten any very talented fighters

  21. BarelyLegal23 says:

    Again Anderson made him eat his words by completely dominating Okami

  22. JBKING805 says:

    Chael Sonnen talks so much shit about Anderson Silva but mainly every fighter Chael lossed to Anderson beat. I gotta agree wit Rampage there is really something wrong wit that dude man. Don’t try to talk about Rampage kuz he will knock yo fuckin head off I promise u most of da 205 division will bust yo ass like a grape. Rampage is ma favorite MMA fighter. Outta all ma years of watching MMA I never liked Chael Sonnen. He’s cocky for no reason u douche bag.

  23. phantom5691 says:

    small-balls sonnen

  24. Ninearm says:

    I feel sorry for Chael, its like a kid crying for attention.
    Btw, Chael wont meet Anderson again, since Chael will be crippled after Brian is finished with him.

  25. antnguyen89 says:

    Chael Sonnen says he is the true champ and he’s about to make his first defense. Actually, testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone you would’ve been stripped of your belt. So either way you’re a loser.