UFC 148: Anderson Silva Says Chael Sonnen Is ‘Screwed’

Chael Sonnen Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “UFC 148: Anderson Silva Says Chael Sonnen Is ‘Screwed’”

  1. SuperProdavid says:

    2000 and chael!!

  2. Rustysathome says:

    And you are the symbol of American bashing ignorance. What’s the matter…didn’t pass the US Citizenship Test?

  3. lilly parrone says:

    and chale gets his ass kicked

  4. nhlgretzfan says:

    You ever listen to black rap stars?

  5. Raiderfan123 says:

    If you don’t understand Chael’s clear facade to hype fights, you are obviously retarded.

  6. 127josef says:

    Please kill yourself

  7. Dan Minski says:

    I fucking love Cheal Sonnen

  8. Serj Tankian says:

    You people know nothing about him, you just watched his interviews where he promotes the fight and makes another character of himself. Read his book for one instance.

  9. homersleeper says:

    Translate this fool (Portuguese to English):

    Em que planeta você nasceu filho da puta????
    Seu herói americano é um bundão, seu americano estúpido!
    Ele não tem dignidade nem sofreu na vida como o Anderson, seu bunda!

  10. Nicholas Simmons says:

    You can go fight him then big balls

  11. lilnickoo cansing says:

    chael sonnen is such a little bitch…. jon jones whooped his ass, so did anderson…. chael needs to shut the fuck up and stop his arrogance, the more you think your the best and you think your gonna win all your fights dont be too sure about it, besides the only reason why he thinks hes such a bad ass because he wins so many fights. hes so inconsiderate…

  12. drakonimetal says:


  13. Serj Tankian says:

    Chael Sonnen, the undisputed and undefeated middle- and light heavyweight UFC champion

  14. agga bugga says:

    he got raped by silva.

  15. lalgerino91 says:

    that was one fight where he acted like a douche but chael only got attention by acting like one silva is the best

  16. Serj Tankian says:

    Silva is way more disrespectful. Have you seen the Demian Maia fight? Total asshole. If Dana would have said nothing on his behavior, he would continue acting like that. He even bowed to Demian after the fight, can you believe that?

  17. Serj Tankian says:

    Chael Sonnen, the undisputed and undefeated middle- and light heavyweight UFC champion

  18. Damon Dee says:

    I hate Chael I was happy when Silva beat him even happier the second time for good, but damn he brought the best out of Silva emotionally, physically and made Silva lots of money.

  19. MonkeyMike1234 says:

    Lol wait Chael owned this guy on another vid? Dude, can you send me the link? I gotta see that!

  20. MonkeyMike1234 says:

    And you are the epitome of a tight ass who is too ignorant to see it’s entertainment and to not take it so serious. Do you think WWE is real too? It’s getting people entertained and hyping the people up for a good fight.

  21. footballsoccer358 says:

    If anyone doesn’t know, Sonnen most likely acts like this for publicity and as a way to promote his fights. Making a big scene.

  22. footballsoccer358 says:

    Lol, Chael Sonnen always cracks me up. Wish he fought Jon Jones 10 times.

  23. Joel Tardieff says:

    A lot of fighters are doing that testosterone replacement which is bullshit. Dana has been turning a blind eye to that shit for years.

  24. Joel Tardieff says:

    Wasn’t Sonnen suspended for steroids after the first fight? He talks a lot of shit, but what date was his last victory? Jan 28th 2012. With all that being said, I love listening to Sonnen talk shit. An app on his IPhone, classic. You almost want Sonnen to start winning, his trash talk is just so cartoonish. And he made a good point, he has been good for a long time. Maybe not the best, but definitely in the conversation for a long time,

  25. Андрей Чикатило says:

    Chael Sonnen is an idiot…