UFC 136 Post Fight Interview: Chael Sonnen Calls Anderson Silva a ‘Coward’ After UFC 136 Win

Chael Sonnen Video Ranking: four / 5

25 Responses to “UFC 136 Post Fight Interview: Chael Sonnen Calls Anderson Silva a ‘Coward’ After UFC 136 Win”

  1. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @COCACOLAwithpizza You love those Andy nuts. Good job.

  2. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @THIRTEENTWO cool story bro!ahaahhahaha

  3. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    the brazilien fighters are way better than the american fighters…you can see already on ultimate fighter 14 all the american fighters are shiting themselfs scared with diego the brazilien kid…so THIRTEENTWO cocksuker wash your moth when u talk about the legend the most ufc defences in history the greates ever mr ANDERSON SIIIIIILLLLVVAAAAAA lol.the only great fighter america s got is jon jones hes amazing the rest forget it nothing against american fighetrs but chael how dare you? bitch.lol

  4. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

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  5. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @COCACOLAwithpizza Dumbass. UFC American Champions: 4. The rest of the world COMBINED: 3. You’re a homosexual and you hate America. Cool. Your name has an AMERICAN product in it. You have issues. What country are you from anyway? I feel sorry for that place with jackasses like you walking around.

  6. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @THIRTEENTWO thats why americans invaded irake blaming weapons of mass destruction they so honest lol that they fuckt naw lol the all world realized how honest they are that even libia with the trouble they had they didnt even wanted nato forces there lol.they said FUCK OFF AMERICA WE DEAL WITH OUR OWN SHIT!you should thanck america for weight classes to on ufc cause if it wasnt for that you guys wouldnt have an american champion like franck edgar and jon jones lol thats all you guys got!hahaha!

  7. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @ndloughridge His ribs weren’t broken. But if he was so good he’d take the rematch and shut Chael up forever.

  8. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @lookmomnohands5 So if Silva was waiting around 4 and a half rounds to catch a sub on a guy who historically hasn’t been that hard to sub, then maybe Silva DOES have a mcdonalds’ black belt. I like to think more highly of the Spider than that. He got beat up for 4 rounds, plain and simple. It wasn’t part of his plan. It’s just what happened. That’s why he isn’t looking forward to a rematch. Who is more deserving?

  9. ndloughridge says:

    @THIRTEENTWO ahahaha. Silva had broken ribs and Sonnen was on Steroids. LOL. Wake up! When you are as good as Anderson you don’t need to talk.

  10. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @THIRTEENTWO why you keep crying ??just keep sucking chaells litle penis.maybe thats why he as to take steroids to level up his girly levels os testosterone…he keeps talking about andersons pink shirt when hes the one hiding something…maybe is gay.came out chael so that THIRTEENTWO can knock on your door to suck your dick lol hahahahahahahahha

  11. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @COCACOLAwithpizza You love to talk about homosexual sex, blah blah blah. Nothing to see here.

  12. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

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  13. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @COCACOLAwithpizza Always with the gay stuff you obsessive little bitch. I don’t care about your fantasies. But you keep sharing. You’re like a whore that thinks being a whore gets you attention but not all attention is good. Google, dumbass. Use it.

  14. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @THIRTEENTWO you so full of shit!!!i mean you realy have to be chaells boyfriend lol.where did u see that interview where dana says that?you are a wanker!everyone here knows silva wan hands down with fractured ribs with the so called maccdonalds happy meal submission belt…i mean what the fuck do you want dude>???suck my dick???later naw your mother shes using it on her cunt and than maybe you can suck it after you finish sucking your fathers dick…sick fuck lol hahahahahaah

  15. rmelgar9 says:

    I love the people’s champ !

  16. lookmomnohands5 says:

    Sonnen is doing what bernard hopkins did to felix trinidad by trying to get under silvas skin so silva will abandon his tech and go for a slug fest in honor of his country but that’s not silvas style and sonnen knows that and wants to take advantage

  17. lookmomnohands5 says:

    @THIRTEENTWO silva did fight sonnen the way he wanted he said he wanted to sub him and he did and sonnen isn’t exactly deserving by record standards he won 1 fight after a loss followed by a suspension that doesn’t exactly scream deserving and I believe silva will take it even though he doesn’t have to oh and I want to see the rematch too

  18. kushking429 says:

    @THIRTEENTWO I’d love to see it just as bad as every other ufc fan would. It’ll be a great fight. I’d much rather see Jon Jones vs Sonnen. That’d be a hell of a war.

  19. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @COCACOLAwithpizza You’re over the top with the whole gay thing now. You can’t even type without talking about gay sex. Talk about obsession. I never said Sonnen didn’t tap. I never said he didn’t lose. You’re a dumbass. That’s the only thing everyone already knows. It’s too bad Silva is afraid of someone he has a victory over though. It’s a real shame.

  20. THIRTEENTWO says:

    @kushking429 Dana has said he is trying to set up the fight but Silva is avoiding it. If that’s not ducking, what is? Not like there are a lot of more deserving people lined up.

  21. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @THIRTEENTWO you the one whos a fag not me lol.everyone in here already knows you are in fact chael sonnens boyfriend.you came here to protect him by saying…MY BOYFRIEND DIDNT LOST,HE DIDNT TAP,ITS OK TO TAP,HE WAS ON TOP OF ANDERSON ALL THE TIME LIKE HE DOES TO ME WHEN HE FUCKS ME IN THE ASS LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA.

  22. COCACOLAwithpizza says:

    @RJosh1994 yeah lol he does

  23. kushking429 says:

    @THIRTEENTWO Sonnen is a great fighter dont get me wrong but silva won thats the end of it. Would I like to see the rematch fuck yeah i would. Silvas a better fighter hands down dude. You know it and Sonnen knows it. MMA isn’t a sport to see who can talk the most trash about one another. Its who comes out with the win at the end of the match. Silvas not ducking noone. Joe Silva and Dana White make the match ups not Anderson Silva.

  24. shionyoga says:

    Chael Sonnen Parents interview /watch?v=oKojv3G5dp0

  25. RJosh1994 says:

    Anyone else think he sounds like Nicholas Cage?