UFC 136: Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann (Gracie Breakdown)

Chael Sonnen Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. dmacon77 says:

    Pro: Fewer training partner injuries. Makes you a better technitian when it comes to hand placement. Also, makes you better in competitions that require gloves (train as you fight.)

    Cons: Less realistic for actual street fighting.

  2. rmelgar9 says:

    Uncle Renzo lol !

  3. nchammontree says:

    If you ever end up on this situation, you help yourself over there…. I love it!

  4. r2d2rx says:

    U guys are funny 😉

  5. Discombolulatedone says:

    great channel, learning alot from these videos, you guys are awesome!
    nice gloves 🙂

  6. shiftykid613 says:


  7. fightfreak60 says:

    pros: the glove training and soft punches training is good because bearknuckle,fullpower training will injure you and your partener easily.

    Cons: there are none because those gloves look great for training.

    100% gracie jiu jitsu for life and Keep it real

  8. Yeungster23 says:

    This is an awesome analysis!

  9. ultrastar23 says:

    love GJJ!

  10. LkJumper33 says:

    In the process of keeping it real over here! I would love for those gloves to be hitting my face and/or body. Thanks for these vids!

  11. dcasseus1 says:

    pros. it takes you out your comfort zone and prepares you for the real deal.
    cons. dont really know the effect the punches can do to you when your in a real situation if punching at 10-15 %

  12. Judedude302 says:

    Pros:The pro’s are that you are not only focused on defending the submission but you are also making sure that you don’t get hit. Which makes you that much more ready for a real street fight.
    Cons: IN 100% honesty there are no cons.Since you have less grip while using the gloves when you are in a real fight it will be even easier!

  13. unadjective says:

    Love the breakdowns. Congrats to Ryron (nice honeymoon tan, dude!).

  14. ries446 says:

    Cons of training with light strikes: How you train is how you perform. If you strike light in training, you strike light in a fight. The Pros totally outweigh that though. The pros are that if you’re used to defending strikes while still improving position and working for a submission, you’ll be more prepared to respond that way in a real encounter

  15. Shogun053 says:

    With these gloves you can both grapple and strike with in positions without any limitation,such as regular 4 ounce or 12 ounce standard gloves.forcing you out of your comfort zone forcing you to react allowing for maximum all round  improvement,strikes close and open new technique’s that are not found in pure jiu jitsu  matches.Pro the nice padding allows for you to both give and deliver punishment without serious harm improving and tightening your technique

  16. gabrielverdon1 says:

    these guys are fucking hilarious, I love it when they joke each other

  17. sonofchcknorris says:

    Pros: it helps you get used to the rolling with gloves on because they make your hands bigger
    in a real MMA fight or even if it comes to street fight there wont be just jiu jitsu there will be striking as well so it helps you get used to striking both getting hit and hitting.
    cons: it makes it difficult to sink some submissions because if the size of the make your grip strengh weaker for submissions like kimora/americna the material between your hand can effect the grip strengh

  18. UFCvsStrikeforce says:

    Damn i wanna do some jiu jitsu

  19. CMurphyMMA says:

    Pros: if your an mma fighter some techniques are more difficult to pull off when you’re wearing gloves, like heel hooks and other techniques like that, so when you’re rolling wearing gloves, you’ll get more used to doing them with gloves…Cons: again it’s more difficult to pull off some techniques, so if you’re rolling with gloves and you can’t get a submission, you might get frustrated and then stop going for that submission, so the pros and cons are sorta the same in a way

  20. Tris67 says:

    awesome as always guys

  21. GuitarFreako5 says:

    Real great breakdown, second time I’ve ever seen your video, first was a long time ago… but I love your support for MMA and breakdowns.

  22. jiujitsu2113 says:

    i love this

  23. darkmrpopnfresh says:

    Very cool video guys, I used a few of these techniques while sparring with some friends and we went over some of the transitions you showed. I’m going to keep watching you. The pros of sparring with gloves is that you can get used to having a little more pressure and learn to defend and have better positioning with strikes. The cons are that you don’t quite have the same amount of grip and control you would with gloves but I think the pros outweigh the cons. THANK YOU!

  24. FlyYouFoolz says:

    nice keep it up

  25. Feqo20 says:

    Hey guys big fan ; I would have to say the PROS of sparring with gloves & punching at 90% is that you can amount your striking cardio soo when it comes to grappling you are not gassed to pull off any techniques ; the CONS when you are only punching at 15-10 % is that you will not be used to taking damage soo in other words you will not kno how you would react under duress in any & every situation