UFC 136: Chael Sonnen Calls Anderson Silva a ‘Coward’ After UFC 136 Win

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25 Responses to “UFC 136: Chael Sonnen Calls Anderson Silva a ‘Coward’ After UFC 136 Win”

  1. Andyakaherman says:

    Alright then we can continue.

  2. xKillerWandx says:

    @mondaywarnemesis dude, he has plenty of facial hair, but shaves it off, his voice is normal and your information is false. its not that hard to lie during an interview. the only interviewer who believes all his shit is Ariel Helwani. Every other DOWN TO EARTH person knows chaels a phony.

  3. xKillerWandx says:

    @NationofArmenia are you that naive? people get away with murder, chael gets away with cheating…. money makes the world go round!

  4. PhukAdvertisements says:

    Sonnen is such a delusional douchebag… & his fans are even worse than he is.

  5. wheresmyrematch says:

    @jonmakcharoenwoodhi i hope they roll the tickets in a big ball and shove them straight up there assess were going to las vegas neveda superbowl weekend the biggest rematch in the history of the sport, Chael P. Sonnen peoples champ against the guy that wears 12 pounds of tin…… That’s probably why lmao

  6. wheresmyrematch says:

    Hey Dana, how bout you make the coaches for the Ultimate Fighter: Brazil Chael vs Anderson… Chael did say he could speak Portuguese… The only problem I think about this is his own team would probably try and kill him.

  7. NationofArmenia says:

    @xKillerWandx You just showed how stupid you are. If Chael bribed the commissioner, why didn’t he just bribe to have his charges dropped. Your such a moron, bribing a commissioner? are you that stupid

  8. mondaywarnemesis says:

    @xKillerWandx it is true, thats why his voice is kinda fucked up, and he doesnt have alot of facial hair , or any gray hair, its a real affliction that he has to deal with, he has to work harder than everyone and overcome alot more than most people.

  9. matb544 says:


  10. xKillerWandx says:

    @mondaywarnemesis lmao that never happened. its called LYING

  11. jonmakcharoenwoodhi says:

    why does he make me feel like I’m watching WWE?

  12. SuperRaficokings87 says:

    Chael’s face when the guy told him about Anderson dancing with Justin Bieber is priceless 3:27

  13. mondaywarnemesis says:

    @xKillerWandx actually hes had this condition since he was a kid, he didnt go through puberty as a child because of it and he was teased, so to make an accusation like that is pretty shitty

  14. MyFistsTheyAreMadeOf says:

    “is that camera big enough to take in the largest arm in west linn, oregon that has found its way to houston, texas cause that thing looks a little bit small”


  15. xKillerWandx says:

    @NationofArmenia lmaaaooo!! dude how much do you think chael paid the dude to say that? come on man, chael is a genius. how do u not realize this?????

  16. chadley6916 says:

    I hate Silva.

    You don’t have a clue what you are talking about, you already proved that, several times.

    How many people on here need to tell you that you are a fucking moron before you get it.

    Get off your moms computer- just because you now have internet in the trailer park doesn’t mean she wants you on her computer.

    Talk to me in 15 years when you know the difference between shit and clay.

  17. NationofArmenia says:

    @xKillerWandx Then you missed the point when one of the commissioners admitted he had been notified of Chael’s condition and Chael had a prescription for it before the fight as the commissioner admitted. Chael was cleared up with the same condition for his fight before Silva with no problem, this time there was a communication error thats why they reduced his sentence. Commission NEVER reduces a sentence when the athlete is wrong, they only reduce it when they are wrong

  18. muntar001 says:

    tear.oh dear

  19. xKillerWandx says:

    @NationofArmenia i have watched that pathetic trial. and by the way, i hate anderson silva. but hes ten times the man, and athlete chael is.

  20. Dett44 says:


  21. NationofArmenia says:

    @chadley6916 oooo ok I don’t know anything about chemistry, what have I said about testosterone or chemistry in general that is inaccurate, you dumb welfare receiving Silva’s ass kissing moron. I stated testosterone is one of the most slowest acting hormones in muscle building, you have said nothing like a moron except bashing Sonnen.

  22. DroneKush says:

    Fight me bk

  23. chadley6916 says:

    you are 20 and you are calling me son? Hahaha…can you make yourself look any more stupid? You don’t shit about chemistry…you are a douche bag kid! Seems a few people on here think you are a loser! Hahaha…fuckin stupid kid! You know NOTHING about steroids…your comments show how stupid you are!

  24. NationofArmenia says:

    @chadley6916 Moron its not a thing to have looks, there is a proposed structure in which it occurs in nature or in someone’s body. I’ll destroy you in a chemistry debate, please don’t start it son

  25. chadley6916 says:

    Yes, I know what it looks like piss for brains. Guess you are not the chemistry major you claimed to be, or you would also know what it looks like. That’s two lies I called you on. Sorry, I don’t debate with children…or Armenians! Don’t you just hate it when you try and be the expert on you tube only to made look like to complete loser!!