The MMA Show – Chael Sonnen talks to Mauro

Chael Sonnen Video Rating: 5 / 5

23 Responses to “The MMA Show – Chael Sonnen talks to Mauro”

  1. JohnboySK64 says:

    id love if he done interviews everyday starting with tomauro

  2. Im2pacsAlter3 says:

    I agree with that, i like both sonnen and palhares but goddamn paul is a bad matchup for chael

  3. HatredPrime says:

    Munoz wrestling isn’t as good as many thought watch Okami fight.I think bigger threat for Munoz Silva or Sonnen is ”Paul Harris”

  4. lameljarvis says:

    Chael is a f,n badass!

  5. nassauE says:

    Just trying to interact with different people on here brother, i didnt pick you for any particular reason. With that said I think you are giving sonnen a bit too much credit for his wrestling, he was handled very easily by Maia and he isnt even a wrestler. My idea of him faking an injury may be a stretch though, i agree

  6. tool123451 says:

    chael sonnen hates mauro renallo

  7. muchohumpty says:

    not sure why you replied to me I will respond though

    Munoz/Sonnen was scheduled, they wouldnt have booked the fight if they didnt want it to happen. Munoz got injured a week before the fight, why would he lie/ Theres no conspiracy here. They didnt scrap Condit/Diaz because Diaz/GSP would be a bigger fight.

    And Munoz MMA wrestling is not all that good or even equal to Sonnens. Its not even close to the same level in MMA.

  8. nassauE says:

    I feel like the ufc made munoz step aside because he was to dangerous for chael. They gave him the feather fisted bispbing instead because they knew he had a better chance of beating him with wrestling. Munoz on the other hand is just as strong a wrestler as chael and he also hits like a ton of bricks a ko victory for him would have been likley. Why ruin a chance at a mega fight in the rematch of chael and silva. I know munoz said he was hurt but did you prove it? Or i could be wrong..ha ha ha

  9. Peteispro says:

    wow he actually seemed kinda normal there.

  10. laatjelekkerlikken says:

    ow shut up

  11. WickedServant says:

    Mauro did a great job with his 3 questions.

    Flipping the script on the last one was brilliant.

  12. Vat0l0c0214 says:

    @aznguy11111 its the roided americans that dont kniw how to respect third world countries..

  13. aznguy11111 says:

    chael sonnen vs anderson silva……… brazilians will riot if silva loses. they are still third world country. they don’t understand that it’s all a sport, nothing more.

  14. Turbochargesi says:

    Mauro is awesome!

  15. 2431346 says:

    mauro is too old, uneducated and nice to be a hipster.

  16. ItsQuietIsntIt says:

    You just know Mauro is a hipster/liberal. I mean … look at him!

  17. Alldayyyyyy says:

    Wheres Eric Cohen? Cohen! Cohen! Cohen!…..

  18. leafsforlife26 says:

    what a douche this sonnen guy is…

  19. muchohumpty says:

    your a bandwagon hopper; Chael wins, now your a fan. If he loses your not a fan. Same ol ufc fans jump on the winning guys coat tails. Why no love for Fedor? because hes losing now

  20. TheBeams13 says:

    From where I sit, you look like the asshole. Think about it!

  21. TheSlugOfLove says:

    In the video he says that Chael was only going to allow 3 questions. Open up your ears and use your head to think about things before you make yourself look like an asshole.

  22. guanaco103 says:

    Lol I’m becoming a chael sonnen fan noooooo

  23. TheBeams13 says:

    Are you serious???? You get Chael Sonnen and you pull a TWO MINUTE interview. Hahaha, horrible interviewing effort!!!!!