The status of former three times UFC champion Chael Sonnen may change as the player is contemplating a dramatic return to the ring.

Sonnen who has been out on a two years suspension having tested positive for a banned substance is now ready to make his comeback to the arena that made him a champion.

The former UFC champion is thought to be nursing a comeback as he has been admitted for drug testing with the United States anti-doping agency (USADA) which is the norm for fighters who may have retired but still desire some feel of the action at the Octagon.

Sonnen who has already tested twice under UFC drug testing policy asked to be enrolled into the drug testing pool as enforced by USADA. According to UFC officials: “He requested to be enrolled in the registered testing pool as he is contemplating a return to competition.”

It would be recalled that the former three times UFC champion only recently just completed his two years suspension after failing a drug test ahead of his fight with Wanderlei Silva in 2014.

Having completed his suspension, Sonnen notified the UFC authorities of his intention to compete once again in the octagon. As a result, he would be subjected to an all year round drug test just as he prepares for a rejuvenated life in the UFC.

Before his suspension by Nevada in 2014, Sonnen told Fox Sport that he was staying retired. However, with his recent request to return to the arena, any hope of a retirement will be postponed to a later date. On this note, his fans would be expecting to see what the American brings into the Octagon arena seeing that he has been away from the UFC fighting scene for about two years.