MMA/UFC: ‘An Indescribable Feeling’ Chael Sonnen voice over from Joe Rogan Podcast.

Chael Sonnen Online video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “MMA/UFC: ‘An Indescribable Feeling’ Chael Sonnen voice over from Joe Rogan Podcast.”

  1. Bloodcaine says:

    The whole point of this video is the aspect of victory and defeat in MMA. It shows it from both sides. The great relief of triumph and the crushing despair of failure. At the end of the day, the only thing in any sport that matters is if you win or lose. This is not “showing only the legends of mma being knocked out.” Last time I checked, Fitch, Etim, Barry, Beltran, Morecraft, Velasquez, Okami, Edwards, and Maynard aren’t quite legends.

  2. Wolfe Dutton says:

    This should be the video for all MMA fighters abroad. We’ve entered a new era of sport.

  3. praestvs says:

    yes it is only showing the knock out moments, not what led to them. and also it’s showing the moment the legends were unlucky. I think I understand and Respect the sport, so go follow mma properly, I dislike the choice of images and you should too.

  4. Gavanshir says:

    Dana saw it and the music is tagged for copy right violation now. Thanks Dana.

  5. gtegergreg says:

    Woah. That was one of the best highlights I’ve ever seen. That’s how you pump up a fight and the sport itself. Throw that video on a Fox commercial dammit.

  6. selaasar says:

    I like the ending with JDS.

  7. HawK271080 says:


  8. spyr0o510 says:

    id be interested in more videos from you, this is great

  9. troliol says:


  10. 88449214 says:

    JDS at the end…. fierce and intense

  11. bfunderb1 says:

    If you think that’s all it shows then I think you don’t understand the sport.

  12. bfunderb1 says:

    This made me cry. I really don’t know what else to say. Thank you.

  13. praestvs says:

    wtf is this video showing only the legends of mma being knocked out… this is not the true face of ufc… not even a proper compilation….

  14. praestvs says:

    que porra de video é esse mostrando as lendas do ufc perdendo… vsf

  15. mmalford18 says:

    Honestly one of the best videos i have ever seen

  16. jakehoesyo says:

    They better not take this down. It’s too good

  17. QuittingToday says:

    And replay

  18. BLstunna says:

    I’m sorry, I do not speak English very well, then why Dana needs to see this???

  19. BarSoldiers says:

    1:00-1:15 – And most of you are saying that Nick Diaz is dissrespectful to fighters, yea i can see that..


  20. crill48 says:

    i can only imagine what walking out to 15 thousand people booing or cheering for you. That Dos Santos battle cry rules all. Goosebumps

  21. MartialArtsAcrobatic says:

    that’s not sonnen, he has a latino accent….

  22. KronicMASTERdeBATER says:

    I agree, people tend to over look his fighting skills cuz he trash talks a lot but i think thats what makes chael one of the most entertaining fighters ever.

  23. dave3z says:

    I tend to believe that Silva was injured in that first fight like his camp said. In the first round of the second fight Sonnen was unable to do damage even with a full mount, which was truly incredible defense. Then in the second round he stuffed all take down attempts. Sonnen is a great wrestler, I agree. He’s cool.

  24. popo1310023 says:

    For some reason i started getting goosebumps around 3:35

  25. King2123 says:

    Chael is the only one to go toe to toe with Silva bro. Toe to toe baby! Which means yeah, if he didnt do the backfist, their would have been a pretty good chance of him winning. Silva’s “Matrix Mode” is overhyped. Both guys are phenomenal fighters, but Chael isnt getting enough credit.