Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva UFC 173 Promo

Chael Sonnen Movie Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva UFC 173 Promo”

  1. vinnie couture says:

    dont make me fucking laugh Chael aint scared of no one lol,when this guy
    steps into the octagon he brings it no matter who his opponent is,he almost
    finished off anderson silva until silva got lucky with that triangle,also
    when they could not get a Fight for Jon Jones CHAEL stepped up and took the
    fight at a moments notice when no one else would and jones coach actually
    told him not to take the fight with Chael telling JONES that he was not
    ready for Chael (at that time that is). bottom line vanderlei silva will
    lose to Cheal end of story!

  2. Hector Ibarra says:

    Uuuh oooh… no TRT for you Chael! Good luck buddy, Wanderlei might knock
    you out senseless. Silva smash

  3. ReJay YT says:

    LOLLOL “i’m an American gangster, i’ll invade your house” this guy is such
    a fucking pussy. If someone put a gun to him I bet he gives up everything
    he has

  4. iPROOFY AVA says:

    Chael will eat him alive….

  5. keen beerdie says:

    haha chael is not a racist, why wont people just shut up if they dont know
    what racism means, chael has a degree in sociology, that is the exact field
    that studies this kind of thing. If you really dont understand why then you
    might not want to comment, he does this because it gives him ATTENTION,
    attention=money here. How stupid can you get. Sonnen is not fake, he plays
    a role, for people who doesnt know what social psychology is please do not
    comment as you have no idea what that means apparently. Anyone who knows a
    shred of psychology knows that aggression appears when you run out of
    intelligent way of expressing yourself in these situations, whose the one
    that snaps everytime? tip its not Sonnen.
    every athlete that can, will take advantage of drugs, it might not be
    during their UFC time but use your brain guys seriously, the only
    difference is that sonnen is honest

  6. spnilo says:

    Anything Chael says is FAKE…. He’s full of shit.. A drug abuser that is
    not a man of his word because if he was he would’ve left the ufc like he
    said he would after a lost to Anderson Silva… Racist piece of shit! WS
    is a legend..

  7. Meatt Sword says:

    And silva has still not signed the contract to fight Chael! Even though
    they already finished a season of TUF, got a 5 round fight, and ppv, all
    like Silva asked for

  8. Oscar Morales says:

    Sonnen is dope but for him to call Wanderlei an immigrant is just fucking
    straight up closed minded red neck shit right there. Wanderlei came here
    with a workers visa as a fighter therefore he is here as a foreign guest to
    America. SMH! and he says he has a degree right? lol I wonder how much more
    close minded this guy is.

  9. Moyses F. says:

    I have never checked before ufc record of wanderlei.Its pretty bad,9 fights
    and 4 wins out of 9.

  10. bishop wilson says:

    lol sonnen gets in the head of so many people.. even the fans 

  11. drohoe1 says:

    Silva better work on his take down defense, his gonna need it

  12. Solus says:

    Whats the music from? Its bugging me. i cant remember whats its from.

  13. MC F.D.G. says:

    bro, they change the date to may 31th. And its going to be a fox sports 1
    main event

  14. Keevon Jones says:

    Silva is going to get frustrated in this fight because Sonnen not going to
    stand and trade with him and thats the only chance he has to win. Sonnen is
    going to pound Silva face in and make it look even worse than it already

  15. Mizter Sinister says:

    This fight will never happen! Wanderlei WILL pull out!

  16. bitchezzish says:

    Nice video but you should have included the scene where wanderlei invades
    chael sonnen at the mr universe event . 

  17. Mario Nina says:

    In the UFC sonnen has a better win percentage compared to silva..he also
    has more fights,. two of silvas losses in the UFC are against two guys he
    has beat in the past in other venues. Silva has an over all better
    winning percentage over sonnen.. but he does have more fights than
    sonnen…. Silva has bigger names under his belt as wins than sonnen.
    Where silva has beat and lost to big names.. sonnen has only lost to big
    names typically but that comes with having less fights than silva. I don’t
    like sonnen, but he is a funny guy..he is good but not “great”… he can
    really sell a fight though. I like wanderlie, and although I think he is
    great.. he can be inconsistent… kinda like vitor belfort has been in the
    past. In any case this will be a great fun fight regardless of who wins.
    I hope Silva does so Sonnen can eat his crow. I just hate that smug look
    he always has on his face. 

  18. Christopher John says:

    They make this feel Epic!

  19. Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

    Chael , Silva is a imigrant from brasil ?? Ok, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU A
    Englische kolonial Criminal MUrder IMIGRANT from the UK.

  20. RedSands says:

    In Chael We Trust.

  21. Marcio Ripper says:

    Chael is a loser.Talk too much a lot of bullshit.He should be a clown.
    Want a simple opinion???Wanderley ll broken his body and soul.

  22. James Sale says:

    One more in the win column, one more in the record books and one more for
    the BAD GUY!

  23. Alleyup1994USA says:

    Silva shut the fuck up you wont do shit you ugly orangutan, Chael Sonnen
    will beat the fuck out of your mongloid face, I understand the Promos but
    you went to far, Chael wasnt probably even afraid of you, just pissed
    himself from laughing LOL

  24. André Amorim says:

    Anderson Knows
    Chael Talks
    Wand Does

  25. John Doe says:

    For you Wanderlei fans the only reason Wanderlei Silva is even relevant
    right now is because of Chael Sonnen so you should be thanking the guy for
    making people give a shit about ur fighter again.