Chael Sonnen UFC on FOX 2 Pre-fight Interview – January 12th 2012

Chael Sonnen Video clip Rating: four / five

22 Responses to “Chael Sonnen UFC on FOX 2 Pre-fight Interview – January 12th 2012”

  1. tonyg0123 says:

    Bisping lost to a guy with 1 ball

  2. EDiDoiDo1 says:

    chael sonnen you used drug to fight silva, they catch you in the ant-doping exam, you fought a injured guy, and even with all that you lost the fight, chael sonnen you said brazilian jiu jitsu is for kids and you lost with a jiu jitsu leg lock, stop talking shit about brazil every country has problems look to your cuntry killing people in fake wars, do you know that your country had killed your own people for money?your country is the most hated country in the world bacause of idiots like you!

  3. SLAVESweARE says:

    Best part at 0:39 seconds in to this video

    Interviewer responding to Sonnens suggestion that people watch the Fox Live event on January 28 :

    “Man, that’s awesome!” ( clap hands together once) “I can’t wait! Ah, uh, uh, I mean that really is awesome!”(completely turns head away from Sonnen mid sentence to have a sneak at his crib notes).

    And what did those crib notes indicate the interviewer should talk about next?


  4. X0INFINITYX0 says:

    30-27 is soooooooo bad it’s insane. That judge should never be allowed to watch a fight again!!!!
    Oh by the way Im an AMERICAN JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW !

  5. blaoDOTcom says:

    there in a gym where ppl are working out, are you stupid? oh wait stupid stt theres my sign

  6. herbie747 says:

    Really good microphone you’re using. Oh wait… Interviewer is suck an ass licker.

  7. Juggaloserialeater says:

    I can’t see how Bisping will win this.

  8. GigglingGirI says:

    When you stalk stop slapping your fist into your hands you look like an uneducated person.

    The Interviewer is a dumb ass uneducated idiot.

  9. GigglingGirI says:

    When you stalk stop slapping your fist into your hands you look like an uneducated person.

  10. ACLogikel says:

    Too funny.

  11. stupidstt says:

    WTF is up with the background noise? The fuck kinda reporter are you?

  12. hmdhmd8 says:

    dude you better sell condoms than doing an interview

  13. mada9898 says:

    Sonnen has only got one ball! BISPING!

  14. MMAoracle says:

    GET A MIC, dummies. If you get an interview with the peoples champ, fucking mike up.

  15. johnnymac42069 says:

    its a win win for this fight, if sonnen wins i see the rematch of a lifetime against him and silva, if he loses and bisping fights silva i get to watch his ass become dust cuz i dont like bisping 🙂

  16. Oreillyisthebest says:

    hahahhah…shut your cotton-picking, whore mouth…boy.

  17. MastaMariXno137 says:

    You’re 12? then you really don’t get why Chael Sonnen does what he does. Stop ranting on an interview that has nothing to do with your boy Silva.

  18. kevinzk71 says:

    shut your bitch mouth already.

  19. XConYoungBlood says:

    Ever been bitchslapped by a 12 yr old? well you about too if you dont take that statement back you cunt!

  20. kevinzk71 says:

    12 yrs old insults so childish, so frustrated poor little bitch, keep going that way, keep rotting.

  21. Spaniard503 says:

    @Cocotiger77-Well said! TTT

  22. cocotiger77 says:

    Looking at your comments and your profile it is clear you are a “gangster” want to be and a clear racist. I can’t believe I actually thought I could convince a racist/ want to be gangster with logic, silly me. Anyway, good luck in life and remember if your life is pathetic, if your dick is small, and if you feel unwanted by women, living through imagination and not reality is a good choice. Though your reply will try to counter this with cheap talk not reality.