Chael Sonnen UFC 117 Pre-Fight Quotes

Chael Sonnen Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. optimisticcosmic says:

    @woodystylezz Your a douche….. Anderson Silva 13-0 in UFC. Chael Sonnen 5-4 in UFC

  2. tejverrao says:

    they should’ve given him a personal microphone, he is quality

  3. woodystylezz says:

    @gretchaninoff Yes they were supposed to report it and didn’t. They got caught not reporting it, gratz. Sonnen was banned for not reporting as protocol says probably in Terms and Conditions somewhere. Sonnen was not banned for the use of the natural steroids.

  4. gretchaninoff says:

    @woodystylezz wasn’t sonnen suppose to report this TRT to the ufc before he began this treatment. guess he forgot, same thing for nate m., and probably shawn sherk. these guys got caught, end of story. sonnen could take all the supplements in the world, and would still lose.

  5. woodystylezz says:

    @gretchaninoff Guess you didn’t read my post. Obviously “juice” is steroids. Are you saying that is the technical term for what he is on….juice?

    Sonnen was using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which is not uncommon for athletes his age and with his competitive background; however, the mouthy money launderer failed to follow the proper protocol for clearing his TRT therapy prior to the event.

    Read more, then post.

  6. gretchaninoff says:

    @woodystylezz do you know what the “juice” is? anabolic steroids. that’s what sonnen was on, not just some over the counter supplement you don’t need a prescription to get. sonnen was on it, he was guilty, he did it because he needed an edge, and he still lost. so what do you think he’ll do without that edge, win? get real man, this guys record is fair atmost, he’s got more bad loses than good wins. silva would dominate in a rematch.

  7. woodystylezz says:

    And to the, “Sonnen only did well because he was on the Juice” guy. Learn what the Juice is and what suppliments are. Every fighter uses suppliments. If you balance your suppliments incorrectly, you can get busted for excessive amounts. Then you have an entire newbie fan base screaming, “HE IS ON STEROIDS”.

  8. woodystylezz says:

    To the Sonnen sucks, Silva rocks guy. I’m not a fan of Sonnen, I think he is an idiot. But I’m judging personallity, not his ability to win an MMA fight in todays rules and regulations. The facts were right in front of you in the fight. If someone sucks and beat your Silva for 4.5 rounds, what does that say about Silva? I shouldn’t even respond to MMA newbies.

  9. woodystylezz says:

    Addressing some comments. To the “Bro..Joe Rogan is never wrong” guy/s. Promotions have what is called “Cash Cows”. They will do anything to sell this fighter include put them up against low talented fighters because lets face it, MOST MMA fans are new fans. I don’t know how many newbie fans I COULD NOT convince that not only was Kimbo Slice not the best, but not even a good MMA fighter. They had the exact same response, “The promotion says he is the best of all time, your stupid”

  10. mikehh9 says:

    @woodystylezz Bro…. Joe Rogan will even tell you that Silva is the greatest fighter of all TIME. I think his opinion trumps yours, moron.

  11. bugzze101 says:

    @woodystylezz completely agree finally someone that understands

  12. SilverPimp says:

    You know I used to really not like this guy, but some of the shit he says is just so funny, he finally won me over. I’m rooting for you to beat anderson. Its about time the belt comes back home to the USA. Then cut some weight and beat the crap outta GSP too

  13. iceplat says:

    @woodystylezz What? Sonnens sucks,silvia is mutch mutch better.Sonnen just think he can fight good.

  14. gretchaninoff says:

    @TheeNveedEverywhere that’s not what it is, he’s a jackass, color has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  15. gretchaninoff says:

    @woodystylezz i agree, he does sound like an idiot most of the time, even though he is a very intelligent individual. but he can’t beat anderson silva, and never will. he lost to silva while on the juice, so how could he fair any better off of it. sonnen is a very good fighter, not a great fighter like silva. he had his chance, and if i were silva i wouldn’t waste my time giving him another.

  16. marcos20alves says:

    you know what this guy resembles, he looks like a little kid trying to get attention from adults in the room

  17. Dashooter911 says:

    people have to realize that everyone thought Chael had NO CHANCE at beating Silva at the time, thats what made this so hilarious.

  18. TheeNveedEverywhere says:

    people dont like chael because hes a white guy that stands up for what he believes in ( in the new, teenage i love hip hop age, thats racist because i have blue eyes type of thing) Chael keep influencing..

  19. Guada1upeCruz says:

    came in expecting this video to be at least 15 mins long.

  20. DecaMMM says:

    @t1g0 your retarded if u take everything he say seriously.. dude knows how to sell a fight!

  21. t1g0 says:

    This guy is retarded.


    Chael outclassed him for 4 1/2 rounds and got complacent, Anderson is in real danger for the rematch, can’t wait 🙂

  23. MrSweatish says:

    @woodystylezz high – five bro 😉

  24. woodystylezz says:

    Chael does speak like an idiot sometimes, but he is better than Silva. He only lost because he got “finish” hungry. He knew that no fans would respect his win if he won by decision. He got finish hungry and left an opening. He should have just respected that talented fighters have great defense and finished with a decision. He knows that now and knows he can beat Silva again.

  25. BizzyIzzy87 says:

    funny how thiago alves is next to him a brazilian