Chael Sonnen talks UFC on Fox 2, Mark Munoz and Why Anderson Silva will “Never” Fight Him

Chael Sonnen Video Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen talks UFC on Fox 2, Mark Munoz and Why Anderson Silva will “Never” Fight Him”

  1. dlinares76 says:

    Anderson is a b@tch

  2. SouthTexasThrowdown says:

    @crimescene08 Well all joking aside yer full of shit. If you look at which videos have the highest amount of views from Chael Sonnen they are usually ones that have no inclusion of Silva in the title. If you go punch his name into google there are always more articles and stories going on about his latest public statements or activity than there ever is about Silva. His interviews ALWAYS generate more buzz and views than Silva’s. Sorry bro, but everyone finds Sonnen more interesting than Silva

  3. crimescene08 says:

    @SouthTexasThrowdown i guess alot of ppl are chasing that piece of tin buddy… sonnen is a fake ..stop riding him so hard man… the people’s belt lol…what kinda shit is that ..before ufc 117 no one knew of chael sonnen and even up to today if anderson silva is not in his youtube one watches his videos..give it up ..

  4. jaymes303 says:

    who gave that interview reporter guy a mic? Fail

  5. jaymes303 says:

    Yeah go Chael

  6. SouthTexasThrowdown says:

    @crimescene08 That belt is nothing but a piece of tin around Silva’s waist. Chael holds the linear belt, the people’s belt, and IF he is feeling generous perhaps he will give Silva a shot at HIS belt!

  7. crimescene08 says:

    @SouthTexasThrowdown of course he is …thats y he has about 11 career losses and no belt ..and have always lost to submissions..and still goes on to talk shit .when he’s getting no where..not forgetting cheating and trying to scam the govt…thats exactly the kinda champ u like i believe…

  8. SouthTexasThrowdown says:

    @crimescene08 excuse me bud, but Sonnen IS the champ

  9. Leftysfive93 says:

    The way Chael glanced at that reporter, it’s a literal ‘if looks could kill’ situation. Being a motor-mouthed dumbass didn’t help that interviewer out either.

  10. chinoxish says:

    fi you dont know u shouldnt be the reporter!

  11. FCDonkeyKong says:

    where the fuck did the reporter find such powerful drugs. fuck slow down bro.

  12. mmadigest says:

    It’s a good fight, UFC on Fox 2 is a fantastic card. thanks.

  13. crimescene08 says:

    @p4l3rm0 Im from New York son get it right ..i aint inna that gay shit .. but when you talk smack and cant finish a fight you gotta smell balls and look like a bitch … if silva fights sonnen again thats a guranteed win for silva …he has nothing to worry about ..all he has to do is train on his BJJ alone..

  14. p4l3rm0 says:

    @crimescene08 let me guess, you are from SF. That’s the only place where you “win” by wrapping your legs around another man’s face.

  15. nickfairc34 says:

    @crimescene08 no hes ducking wrestlers… He wants to be a champ for as long as possible and he knows if he faces someone like sonnen munoz or even a olympian like dam he will lose that belt. Wants an easy win over a no power striker like bisping over a strong wrestler.

  16. alinabiryukova says:

    How does this reporter still has his job??

  17. crimescene08 says:

    yea silva’s ducking the guys he already DEFEATED lol sonnen u will never be Champ!!

  18. kpatbyr says:

    Thumbs up if you can’t understand a word the reporter says. Seriously, learn to SPEAK ENGLISH AT NORMAL SPEED AND OPEN MOUTH WHEN SPEAKING

  19. jronzani says:

    Da Bears.

  20. blaaket123 says:

    UFC on Fox great for MMA fans, bad for UFC or sports fan. They won’t get wrestler vs wrestler.

  21. MrNepali4ever says:

    Chael is Mad that anderson got his way haha. i guess all that talk didnt help after all. haha

  22. MIT2004 says:

    Say it ain’t so chael. Chael I want u tO kick his ass. U owe to ur dad that promise.

  23. farzshmarz says:

    This reporter has some trouble talking. its hard to listen..

  24. hadielhadi says:

    the reporter is stupid anderson didn’t say that chael is nothing

  25. jronzani says:

    This reporter really sucks. Stupid accent and lying about the “nothing” comment.