Chael Sonnen talks fight against Mark Munoz & why he won’t coach a season of “TUF”

Chael Sonnen Movie Score: four / 5

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen talks fight against Mark Munoz & why he won’t coach a season of “TUF””

  1. PacquiaoBeats says:

    UFC is rigged, they want a Silva vs Sonnen 2, so they put in someone that Sonnen can easily beat. “Munoz out with an unknown injury” lol.

  2. kyoukan91 says:

    Interviewer is retarded.

  3. codeman95291 says:

    this interviewer is a queer LMFAO

  4. codeman95291 says:

    this interviewer is a gay rod LOL what a queer LMFAO

  5. imhungry4444 says:


  6. mmablogger18 says:

    what an asshole

  7. ThirdRomeAquilo says:

    theres no such thing as winners asshole!… we all get the ribbon for participating. lol

  8. ThirdRomeAquilo says:

    2:05 stop the presses.. who’s the hoty

  9. ArchieBunker11 says:

    @xEffectsx i agree he beat him for 4 and a hlaf rounds, at the end of the day who got the w again? and to be fair he does have great stand up he just never got a chance to use it. lol

  10. hummurabi2010 says:

    who ever is tougher here (heart) and here (head). That is the test of his next bout. I am the biggest machida fan but i know Chael Sonnen can very well take him down as well as any other elite athlete in the WORLD! Id like to see Sonnen go for Jon Jones.

  11. 123krisby says:

    Lyoto, rampage, shogun and Evans would beat sonnen if he came to 205, he talks so much shit. LHW’s are by far the best fighters in the whole of UFC all them fighters I mentioned would embarrass him in the octagon an that’s not even mentioning Jon jones!!

  12. xEffectsx says:

    Loved Mir snapping that jj champions arm lol had him
    Out went for the choke got reversed and SNAP.

  13. xEffectsx says:

    Anderson silva is the fukin joke. Wow he has not had 1 hard fight other then sonnen wow all burnt out light heavyweights wat a gay cunt. Sonnen smashed his head in for 4 and a half rounds. And silva praises himself with the best stand up???? Lol joke. Nog black belt lol to that to cause that’s the easiest black belt in jj u can get. Fuking losers.

  14. jronzani says:

    “I’m defending my middleweight championship.” Shut the fuck up dumbass you lost. You tapped out because Anderson was about to kill you. Come off it dickhead know one is that stupid to actually believe that you won.

  15. MrDitto30 says:

    Chael is losing his mind, one day he says he wants to fight the best, the next day he says he wants easy fights

  16. TheReclamation14 says:

    So does this mean Chael is finally admiting Anderson is tougher than him lol?

  17. nicksousa8 says:

    @TNAFAN99 I glad that you didn’t take it as a personal attack..yes Chal is getting better…but he still lies and cheats.

  18. prmike333 says:

    The only thing that’s entertaining about Chael is his interviews

  19. jiggyy says:

    Wandy’s fighting Vitor after his fight with Anthony Johnson and he’s probably gonna get stopped within the first 2 rounds. It’s probably a good thing we never got to see Wanderlei vs. Sonnen at this point, but vintage Silva would’ve clobbered Chael.

  20. TNAFAN99 says:

    @nicksousa8 yeah good point but chael is getting better and better…. and wanderlei will also never be as entertaining as chael

  21. nicksousa8 says:

    @TNAFAN99 Wanderlei has two stoppages over rampage by ko, beaten hendo, and so many others…yes he is past his prime but the sad thing Chael will never Achieve what wand has….respect,,,Chael is a troll

  22. dannielpreto says:

    @Tidoublemy Both

  23. iiwatcher says:

    @xxViolentGamerxx Shit that’s actually a great idea. A stylistically tough fight.

  24. iiwatcher says:

    @Tidoublemy It’s someone standing in for the Fight Nerd, who technically, is not too far removed from being a girl.

  25. xxViolentGamerxx says: