Chael Sonnen says Jones will Never Fight him

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen just doesn’t know how or when to shut up, and he is back again running his mouth. On the very same day that his boss, UFC president Dana White stated that a win in December will not be enough to earn him a title shot, the former two time contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship went back to work on the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

And this time, the American used the policy of reverse psychology, and followed it up in a manner possible only for him. Sonnen appeared as a guest on FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight where he claimed that his dream of fighting for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship will remain a dream as he doesn’t think the champion Jon Jones will be willing to fight him. Chael Sonnen moves to the 205lbs Light Heavyweight division of the UFC after failing to win the title at the Middleweight division and he will face former champion Forrest Griffin in his first match in December.

According to Sonnen, Jones is surrounded by a bunch of men who may be considered as his ‘yes men’. And it is because of these people that Jones will never step inside the ring with him. He even went on to claim that he is better than Jones and can take the title away from him if given the chance but thanks to the advisors of the Brazilian, he doesn’t think he will ever get the chance.

Chael Sonnen also added that he could fight Jones and take his belt away from him as easily as anyone would steal a candy from a child on Halloween but since there is something called courtesy and sportsmanship in UFC, he will not be doing that.