Chael Sonnen Q&A Highlights

Chael Sonnen Video clip Score: four / 5

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Q&A Highlights”

  1. outsidedark says:

    ufc will be seriously dull without chael sonnen who is the only funny guy left in the ufc so it will be very sad when anderson silvas flying knee kills chael.i will be sad at chaels funeral.

  2. Nevan420 says:

    Im a Silva Fan, but chael is geeked

  3. RoyHopsin227 says:

    Anderson will most likely duck Chael because he aint ready to face Chael again

  4. TheBoxrwun says:

    I freakin love this dude…lol! Damn refreshing to hear someone who is real about the facts! I agree 100% about Brock Lesnar….LOSER!

  5. nir766 says:

    i agree ,everybody have bad days ,and that was one of those days to silva .
    what i am tring to say is that after he talked too much -he lost ,so he should respect him self and leave the pretalk after the rematch .i tell you dude the higher he talks the loner will be the fall …
    a honored person should respect a lose ….

  6. 19Bill94 says:

    @nir766 True, Anderson won, but he is not better than sonnen.Sonnen obviously is a better fighter.

  7. TheHKdan says:

    Correcting the poem:

    “It was me who tapped, AND IT WAS YOU WHO WON!”

  8. TheHKdan says:

    This guy keeps bragging about loosing for someone that was injured??? I think he was doped with something else other than testosterone…

  9. MrNandopando56 says:

    he gets beat, and STILL keeps talking shit !!! Love him

  10. 19Bill94 says:

    I love this guy. hope he beats silva, because he really can.

  11. ChrisL1100 says:

    id listen to chael talk about anything.

  12. massacrene1 says:

    This guys a professional shit talker

  13. chacinju2 says:

    This is the only Republican I know that eventhough he’s still a complete douchebag I freaking love him haha…he has a pair of balls like a fucking Miura bull…you cant take that away from him…and he backs his talk like no one else.

  14. devipus says:

    @faycal198 yeah gsp is gay.

  15. nir766 says:

    i agree ,but i am turning against the fuct that this guy dont realy knows how to take and respect a lose .
    last word is : he lost and silva won ,and this is not the first time that he lost in such a way ,he lost like that to forest griffen ,and to other barazilizan .what i get from that that he hasnt done his homework .so i think that this guy should blame him self and stop balla blla .
    camera dosent kick back -silva deos ,so i recomend to him not to waste time .

  16. Acebeats1 says:

    @nir766 Dont know why you think silva will win. Chael was whooping Silvas ass all that to the end and then silva pulls off that lucky submission. Chael was completely dominating the fight and controlling silva round after round. Let’s say that silva didn’t pull off that submission, you know that Chael was winning the whole fight for every round. They have to fight again.

  17. faycal198 says:

    GSP will fuck you bro

  18. lucasferreira028 says:

    stand up comedy?

  19. Digressor666 says:

    I would pay money to have Chael Sonnen make fun of me, even though I’m sure he’d do it for free.

  20. nir766 says:

    in the comming up remach he will go down and all those vodeos will be a mark of shame to him for the rest of his life .

  21. MrChiffy says:

    lov ehim or hate him..he’s pure entertainment…there is no debate on that point

  22. F0K4Z11N says:


  23. someperson111 says:

    Wait wait wait, this was After their fight?

  24. cmazzac says:

    @BIGBEAR6ft5 Hes pretty funny though, I like people with no regard for other peoples feelings

  25. oakaziz says:

    This from the man who was beaten by Maia in the first round, the same Maia who was dominated by Silva. He forgot also that when he fought Silva he was on the juice and Silva was injured. He is such a tough talker, he should move up in weight and fight Jon Jones.