Chael Sonnen on The Jim Rome Show

Chael Sonnen Video clip Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen on The Jim Rome Show”

  1. TheBundyblaze says:

    chaels the peoples champ

  2. Styles991 says:

    11:42 LMFAO!!!

  3. musicdrew2341 says:

    Chael Sonnen king of troll!! LOL!! This guy entertain me…

  4. NoJiggaboo says:

    Anderson’s scared, homie!!!

  5. crocopliddell says:

    cheal i hate u and Silva is the GOAT but i will say u are funny as hell.

  6. HOTROD69111 says:

    @sopradarnota I’m not denying Brazil’s contribution to MMA, that’s evident. But to say that Brazilians dominate the UFC is completely untrue. Brazil have produced a TON of great fighters, but lets be honest the best base for the top guys to have now is wrestling, and Brazil doesn’t produe wrestlers the way that the US does.

  7. sopradarnota says:

    @HOTROD69111 yeh.. now compare how many brazilians there is in the ufc compared to americans… just shut up if you don’t wanna look stupid.

    Oh and one more thing, just thank brazilians for having mma as a sport, since we started it all.

  8. HOTROD69111 says:

    @sopradarnota Right, that’s why 4 of the 7 UFC champs are from the US and 2 are from Brazil. Pure domination…

  9. AndrewRyanJD says:

    hate him or love him he entertains lol

  10. sopradarnota says:

    @leemeverett Brazilians are scare of ” REAL ” men like chael ?? so i guess there is only one real american men in the usa, cause brazilians pretty much dominate the ufc lol.

    keep on dreaming…

  11. mozilla12many says:

    @Bruthamuzone have you watched the fight? he drops silva more than once! his iron jaw was a myth till sonnen laid hands on him. what is silva going to do in the rematch become an olympic wrestler or train on the triangle hoping sonnen won’t defend it again. they both found flaws in each others game but its easier to defend a triangle from a happy meal black black belt then it is to defend the take down from a ncaa div 1 all american…

  12. thancrus86 says:

    @crazedemon I love all this Bs he says… i cant wait for them to fight again but this time silva will have no injuries…… chaels gonna be humiliated and wont have a job at the end of it…. 1st round Ko for silva… ive had Rib injuries in the past and i can say… its fucking painful to walk let alone fight with sore ribs. so for silva to do what he did.. is brilliant… “i hit him 300 times he hit me 11times” those 11hits rocked him everytime and then 1 submisson attempt finished it.

  13. crazedemon says:

    @tubebunny7 Chael only has six more fights than him and has 7 more losses, Anderson could lose the next 6 fights and still have a better record. Plus Anderson has destroyed several of the people who chael has lost to. Chael Sonnen had implemented his game plan for over 20 minutes on Anderson who had a rib injury and he couldn’t finish him. Anderson Won. So he is better, I am pretty sure if you lose to someone that means your not as good as them.

  14. Mimasfriend says:

    Chael reminds me of Ali

  15. UndergroundBhangra says:

    LMFAO bad connection
    chael is hilarious

  16. dt089 says:

    Chael Sonnen is a hell of a fighter and personality. Will he beat Silva in a rematch? Like the first fight with his wrestling, he very well could. Only time will tell. Anderson however is the greatest fighter to step into a MMA ring. His accomplishments, dominations, and skill all speak for itself. Chael might have superior wrestling, but Silva is still the best fighter ever win/lose/draw vs Chael in the rematch.

  17. LinealChampion says:

    “The one and only buddy, Chael P. Sonnen said those words.” Lolz

  18. MrLucienharris says:

    Its just a bad matchup like chael facing maia even though he lost to him he stayed on the ground wit maia instead of tryin to get to his feet maia is a week striker but chael wanted to beat him at his own game. Anderson is a striker he loves to kick the first couple of kick he through had no power because he was thinkin of chael takin him down and beating on him its just a bad matchup for silva he cant beat chael wit out a sub and if he tries to kick he goin down

  19. MrLucienharris says:

    You know why chael’s face looks like pizza pizza because here is a guy prepared to face a challenge with a completely different mind set here is a guy will to take a beating to give one and dats what its gone take to beat anderson some one who know how good he is and still doesnt care

  20. BrooklynMMA says:

    rome your lucky you got sonnen on your show i never evan heard of you before sonnen so you should have some respect for sonnen

  21. Bruthamuzone says:

    @mozilla12many Dude, no offence but c’mon. Look at Silva’s face after the fight. He’s not cut, he’s not bruised. He seriously does not look like someone who’s been punched ‘300’ times. So either Silva has an iron jaw, or Chael just cant punch to win a world title, or both. Now flip the coin, silva landed very few strikes in comparison. Yet, it’s Chael’s face that looks like pizza at the end of round 4. Silva is sweatin heavy but, who doesn’t swet after five rounds of sparring….

  22. mozilla12many says:

    @Bruthamuzone there are no rounds in the jungle either, hence no referee would’ve tapped sonnen on the shoulder and told him to stop smashing andersons face in with his fists…

  23. KindaAwesomeVideos1 says:

    Chael is the best trash talker right now, floyd is nowhere near. I wish though he would stop using the argument that won the fight because he hit anderson more, when it was him who gave up. Sorry chael, anderson is tougher than you.

  24. Beachcrib says:

    Don’t take him too serious people ,. He uses a sick sense of humor to get his way. Does he deserve a rematch against silva .. In this fight game ? Sure seems like it to me . Anderson Silva picks safe fights .. He got his ass beat bad by this sonnen . He will dodge this guy .. No doubt . Anderson showed the power of good jitsu . Lucky bastard . Both awesome fighters

  25. matte5299 says:

    Im done listening. This is too much from him.