Chael Sonnen Interview about Jon Jones refusal to fight him at UFC 151

Chael Sonnen Movie Ranking: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Interview about Jon Jones refusal to fight him at UFC 151”

  1. Seymour Butts says:

    sonnen thinks hes a genius because he has precription testosterone

  2. Bones87ish says:

    You know you wouldn’t bet on that fight cause Silva has just as big a chance losing than Jones does. Yea as of now Silva’s the GOAT because he’s been around longer but Jones has fought tougher competition in a shorter time period and that’s a fact

  3. Stas Salya says:

    Good point man I think even if JBJ lost to Chael he still would have a lot of fans and new top card fights

  4. FantasmoISaBeast says:

    it doesnt matter if he wanted it he was the one who called jon out and stepped up on 8 days to do that. while everyone else said no like lyoto shogun etc

  5. JohnKreeseCobraKai84 says:

    Boo hoo Jones is too cocky. Boo hoo Jones needs to fight at heavyweight. Boo hoo Sonnen does not deserve a title shot. Boo hoo I’m never watching UFC anymore.

  6. matt diesel says:

    he lost to the best fighter in the world dumbass and he almost won, so why doesnt he deserve the fight its what the fans want to see 

  7. spotshine says:

    i wish that anderson silva would move up to 205 just to beat the fuck out of jon jones and then jons pussy ass just gets dropped from ufc. Jones your days are numbered, anderson just fought bonner at 205 and i cant wait till dana offers him a shit load of money to beat jones fucking ass

  8. mtsmartking says:

    I mean’t Straight The Fuck Up btw !!!! Silva vs GSP wont happen either !!!

  9. Shanky Dogg says:

    He doesn’t deserve the fight !!! The UFC is a business and that’s just what this fight is a money winner. The fan who pays for this fight is fool.

    lost out 2 of his last 4
    last Light Heavy Weight fight was in 2003
    UFC doesn’t have anyone for Jon Jones to face at this time( Silva is going to fight GSP).

  10. mtsmartking says:

    STFU, he doesnt deserve it !!!

  11. melodic6death says:

    Well it’s official April 2013 Chael vs Jones

  12. Lipinski09 says:

    chael is the man

  13. ShOwErGaMInG says:

    @styfbyk Yeah it was quite difficult to find. I just streamed it here:
    Man it was such a incredible match up, a lot better than I thought it would be! Gotta see it!

  14. dtops408 says:

    fighters have too many options now a days. Jon Jones lacks the pure pride fighter inside denying fights left and right.. as the champion you should take on all commers. Jon Jones does’nt wanna coach against DC because he does’nt believe he can bring in the viewers (MONEY)… Jon Jones is weak for some of the shit he does. Gusto, DC, Hendo and i believe Chael can get the job done against Jones… All good fighters

  15. phajej1993 says:

    chael is a beast man but his mouth is wooot but his jijustu omg

  16. Serhan Ogan says:

    Until he called himself a genius, (had an instant flashback of that spinning elbow) he had a point.

  17. Shanky Dogg says:

    Why should Sonnen get the fight ? He doesn’t deserve it he lost his last 2 out of 4 fights!!!

  18. dt089 says:

    Henderson denied any claims he even talked to Sonnen about his injury. Hendo invited Sonnen to his camp to train for his fight with Jones, but Sonnen never did. Hendo got injured roughly 2 weeks prior to telling Dana in the week leading to the UFC card. Hendo kept it an in camp secret, because he felt it wasn’t a big deal, putting up with many injuries like it in the past and thought it would heal by the time the fight happened. Just wanted to clear that up.

  19. nevillej2010 says:

    Jones had a full training camp, he should of accepted!

  20. EndingsEdge says:

    Chael took the fight on 8 days notice, while Jon had a whole training camp behind him, he should of jumped on it, cuz when it comes back around he’s gonna be preparing for months just to kick his ass

  21. V8Supercar1 says:

    If jones wAnts to cancel the fight thats up to him

    He trained to fight henderson not sonnen

    Fighters are not pitbull terriers! No we are not animals!!!

    Fuck dana white!.he’S a piece of shit! Why dont dana white fight sonnen to save his card?

    Oh no…. He’d never do that

    Why should Jon Jones waste his time fighting a bum like Fail Sonnen?? He has a losing record in the UFC. FAIL SONNEN IS A “PERENNIAL LOSER” Beating him means nothing for Jones’s legacy. Just a waste of time.

  22. gattaca761 says:

    Jones raises a very interesting point. Sonnen and Henderson are good friends. Sonnen starts training and calling out Jones 3 weeks before his good friend Henderson announces that he is injured, giving Jones 6 days to prepare. It is well known that Henderson knew he was ‘injured’ long before he announced it. Seems pretty obviouse what they’re trying to do here. Not that it matters, there is a particular demographic of fans that want Sonnen, Bonnar, Henderson, Bisbin, Stann at the top at any cost

  23. Brandon Hames says:

    this is the fight business not the poesy business, get off his dick

  24. SilentJayMuzik says:

    Ya these guys run their mouths, but don’t hold a CHAMPIONSHIP belt. It’s just HATE against Jones….That’s all.

  25. ASmallWeeWee says:

    Wtf, Dan hendersons more of a stand up fight than Chael that’s ridiculous. Watch a couple fights once in awhile