Chael Sonnen Calls Jon Jones a Mental Midget, Dana White Blasts Jackson (UFC 151 Conference Call)

Chael Sonnen Video Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Calls Jon Jones a Mental Midget, Dana White Blasts Jackson (UFC 151 Conference Call)”

  1. irishdarbykd says:

    Not too often I agree with Dana but he is on point here Jackson is a weirdo

  2. sylverdrag says:

    I actually appreciate that they didn’t try to do a “bait and switch” by replacing the main event. People who paid to see Jones defend his title have the right to expect seeing Jones defend his title. Replacing that main event would have been a scam. Instead, they took a loss rather than scam the fans… Very honorable in my book.

  3. blooberflat22 says:

    I know he’s dangerous, anybody whose ever seen him fight should know that. I don’t really agree with Jon’s decision, I’m just saying I don’t think he’s a pussy for thinking about his legacy. GSP has been fighting for points for years and not a lot of people call him a pussy. Sonnen is a dangerous fighter, but Jones is a freak of nature. He’s not unbeatable by any means, but Chael is better at talking than anything. Usually when people talk like that it means they’re insecure about something.

  4. sylverdrag says:

    That perfectly explains why Jones refused the fight… not. Jones trained for a top wrestler, from the same team as Sonnen – Chael is as good a replacement for Dan as you can make it, yet Jones refuses the fight… Do you think Jones would have refused the fight if he thought Chael was just a mouth? Chael is not always an exciting fighter… but he is a very dangerous one.

  5. blooberflat22 says:

    I agree. He knows how to utilize his God-given talents along with his physical and mental attributes. Eight days wasn’t enough time for him to prepare for Sonnen’s game because Greg Jackson fighters always rely on gameplans. Most of the time they fight for points which Jones does while wearing his opponent down before going for the finish. I don’t see why people mark a comment as spam just because they don’t agree. It’s all a matter of opinion. That’s Bush League, good comment.

  6. blooberflat22 says:

    That’s cuz yuze a ho lmao.

  7. blooberflat22 says:

    Jones has defended his belt against 4 former champs and beat 5 former champs. What has Chael done except get lucky in the Bisping decision and fail to back up his trash talking? He has to use his mouth to gain opportunity because he can’t rely on his fighting skills. He talks so much so nobody will have time to discuss the fact that he’s an average fighter. Also,did you know you can actually go to certain websites and learn how to type for free??

  8. blooberflat22 says:

    If they ever make a “If belts were rewarded for trash talk and not actual fighting skills” belt than he would shatter the record for consecutive title defenses. Chael focuses too much on talking and trying to get into his opponent’s head. When the fight comes and his fighting skills can’t back up his mouth everyone will realize that this fight was also vastly over-hyped. He’s an elite talker but an average fighter. He talks so much so people don’t have time to talk about how average he is.

  9. blooberflat22 says:

    It was messed up but he’s fighting Chael anyways, and he doesn’t deserve a title shot at all. Plus the real disgrace is Chael turning into a WWE character, getting a title shot just because all Dana White cares about is money, and him never backing up the shit he talks. He’s an elite talker, but nowhere close to being an elite fighter. Now Jones is going to beat the crap out of him and have everybody hoping that the rest of the card and Chael’s excuses will be worth the 50 bucks.

  10. apocalypse123 says:

    “Greg Jackson should never be interviewed by anybody ever again except for a psychiatrist”

  11. freshkryp69 says:

    Chael Sonnen will hold the belt one of these days, very soon! Also he will whip ANY of you haters asses in 3 seconds!

  12. Remstahh t says:

    i dont know if that would of happened because jones probable feels he doesnt have enough time to learn sonnen techniques and counter them. it could go 50 50 but i can see where jones is coming from

  13. bleachroxmysox22 says:

    While i do believe that Jones should have fought Chael.. it would have been a horrible fight.. Sonnen would have gotten demolished.

  14. kiriderz says:

    Doesn’t bring back the checks those other fighters needed. Does it, Fuckboysss?

  15. trinibwoy80 says:

    how do u know, do you collect his pee.

  16. trinibwoy80 says:

    chael sonnen doesn’t deserve to fight jon jones. jones beat Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, Quinton Jackson, Maurício Rua, Stephan Bonnar. what champion did chael ever beat. sonnen is a nobody who is for the most part an average fighter.

  17. Sanjum Singh says:

    hes fighting him now fuckboysss

  18. sean-o bigcaff says:

    Dana is pretty sexy when he gets angry

  19. dr1345 says:

    you just went full retard.

  20. redFIREballKID says:

    they did say jones was making history lol

  21. demonikmagic says:

    Jon Jones got where he is today with his huge reach -84.5, his full rounded game, and his careful preparation towards his opponents fighting styles(hence why he denied a very short notice fight)

  22. demonikmagic says:

    Are you serious? Have you seen him? He has a huge frame and is skinny as fuck, look at his legs their tiny. If he was on steroids there’s no way he could make the cut to 205, he’d be a heavyweight.
    Jon Jones got where he is today with his huge reach -84.5, his full rounded game, and his careful preparation towards his opponents fighting styles(hence why he denied a very short notice fight)

  23. Trocityyy says:

    but the fight would still take place on the same day, that makes no sense

  24. FuckitnFightit says:

    Had to turn down the fight because he was doin steroids.. he didnt think he was gunna fight that soon so he was in the middle of a cycle.. He needs some time to ease off for a week or two before the fight. Obvious.

  25. nicolasdagenai says:

    he demolished all the best light heavy weights in the sport so its not Mr sonnen over here thats going to be a threat and besides didn’t anderson silva retire him??