Chael Sonnen agrees he’s jealous of TITO ORTIZ

Living with the fact that ChaelSonnen might have defeated Tito Ortiz in a college wrestling match about 20 years ago, but he doesn’t expect that historical past fight to have any impact on their fight at Bellator 170.

“I happen to be his huge fan. I’m pumped to be in there with a Hall of Famer like Tito. I will make sure I secure a victory against him, nevertheless, I don’t dismiss how good this guy is. He finished in the college before me. He wisely used his opportunities, and I am always jealous of him. I’m still convinced he has a remarkable career to run.” ChaelSonnen said.

The 39-year-old fighter, who wrestled for the University of Oregon, moved from 177 pounds to 190 pounds to face Ortiz, who competed for Cal State Bakersfield. “The Gangster from West Linn” pinned Ortiz in 44 seconds in their Jan. 23, 1998 match, a date which also happened to be Ortiz’s birthday.

Chael said during that time, Ortiz had already begun his Ultimate Fighting Championship career and he (Chael) had the awareness of the exploits yet continued to follow Ortiz as he rose to prominence in the Octagon. The former UFC middleweight challenger was admittedly envious of Ortiz.

He (Chael) alleged that one of them is better, but it has been his contention from the very start that he is better. He said his contention from day-one is that to beat him and all the guys that he beats, he assured that Chael never would have been champion if he had been around.

Sonnen hopes that he can go on to prove to his fans and coach as well that he is the best fighter in the world with the opportunity the upcoming match gives him.