Best of Chael Sonnen – Take a look around (HD)

Chael Sonnen Movie Ranking: four / five

25 Responses to “Best of Chael Sonnen – Take a look around (HD)”

  1. kronnie1000 says:

    so basically… lets say sonnen vs silva in a street fight, no gloves, and
    rules, bells, breaks… i got money on sonnen after seein fight 2… LOL

  2. jrivet210 says:

    actually he has 2… him getting finished… haha

  3. TheMissing8 says:

    how many fights have you finished?

  4. KALI BABA says:

    Sonnen is the greatest?….lol…are you kidding me

  5. a4tech357 says:

    It’s all marketing. He’s getting paid to trash talk so it would be more fun
    and more ppl would watch ufc

  6. Apocalypse3434 says:

    Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around

  7. normalpsychology says:

    Haahahah, oh my god, man that was such a funny comment. That was really
    clever, it really made my day. You’re hilarious, man. How did you get so
    smart? Just kidding, you’re stupid as fuck. P.S. I got nine thumbs up on my
    comment and you got zero on yours, so that adds extra embarrassment to you.
    Ha. Failure.

  8. MaraudingMale says:

    Your right…and that’s probably why Anderson Silva is gonna hand his @ss
    to him.

  9. LukeUk08 says:

    Silva aint going on “lucky” as u call a submisson move. Silva will destroy
    Chael round by round on his feet. And i tell u more, even if he has the
    chance to finish in first round, he’d take it to the finals rounds just to
    break every bone of that freaky “fighter”.

  10. gearsofwar2112 says:

    Best song for Chael. He should walk out to this.

  11. skategangster says:

    Your words “a win is a win” so clearly a loss is a loss. Remember Chael
    won’t be juiced this time so don’t expect a repeat of the last fight. Have
    fun being an internet tough guy, I need to pack cuz I’m heading to Vegas
    for the fight – have fun watching it in your trailer park..

  12. J3Renegade says:

    lol that mission impossible joke is pretty good man. But u never know he
    may get another shot and pull off the upset. Silva is an incredible
    fighter, but to Chael’s credit he is the only one who has been able to
    actually compete with him.

  13. Andrey Santos says:

    Hi Witty…please, add UFC 148 to your Sonnen HL video! 🙂

  14. skategangster says:

    How can the best middle weight not have any knockouts ? It’s truly
    incredible that Chael thinks he’s sooooo damn good but hasn’t even finished
    anyone. With all of his trash talking he’s setting himself up for the
    biggest fall of his life..

  15. ArmyOfOneProductions says:

    I love this video! Great job man! I’ll always have a special place for him;
    win, lose, or draw. Chael Patrick Sonnen will be the New UFC Light
    Heavyweight Champion on April 27th, 2013 at UFC 159 at 10 in the east, 7 in
    the west and only on Pay Per View.

  16. Jared Lee says:

    yeah i respect what you just said. silva continued to humiliate him by
    asking brazil to show they had manners and even invited chael over to his
    house for a bbq if he was going to have one. what america needs to learn is
    how to have manners and not start unnecesarry fights or arguements.

  17. Andrey Santos says:

    Who is Chael Sonnen? I think I remember now. That guy who was beaten up by
    Anderson Silva twice? Yes, I remember him. 🙂

  18. roman gomez says:

    cheal dog the american gangter putting it down on little JJ if you dont
    think so your stupid

  19. jucapirama100 says:

    Chael Sonnen is a joke!

  20. Yordan Yordanov says:

    Sonnen is very powerful and for sure is one of the best wrestlers in UFC if
    not the best. Silva was kind a lucky this time because Sonnen missed with
    the spinning back fist. The spider was on his back all the time in the
    first round. Silva for sure is the true champ of the division and is more
    skillful than Chael but if Sonnen gets his hands on him Anderson would be
    in a big touble.

  21. OneSidedPounding says:

    Dude its promotion! It’s outstanding how many people get offended by this..
    how can you take it so seriously!? It amazes me, it’s just hype. Come on
    man, watch his real interviews.. like his latest one with Ariel about Renzo
    Gracie. Thats the true Chael Sonnen, he trash talked about Mike Tyson and
    Tyson gets it.. he laughed cause he knows its not real. Sonnen then admits
    hes a huge fan of Tyson..

  22. anythinggoesjoe says:

    This will soon be a rest in piece video

  23. vince arizala says:

    you mean Anderson Silva whooped his ass on the second time because Chael
    Sonnen whooped Silva’s ass on the first fight

  24. Andrey Santos says:

    Sonnen HL = Sonnen High Looser!

  25. realnarutoboy says:

    What’s yours, ‘Just Bleed’ meathead?