Chael Sonnen agrees he’s jealous of TITO ORTIZ

Living with the fact that ChaelSonnen might have defeated Tito Ortiz in a college wrestling match about 20 years ago, but he doesn’t expect that historical past fight to have any impact on their fight at Bellator 170.

“I happen to be his huge fan. I’m pumped to be in there with a Hall of Famer like Tito. I will make sure I secure a victory against him, nevertheless, I don’t dismiss how good this guy is. He finished in the college before me. He wisely used his opportunities, and I am always jealous of him. I’m still convinced he has a remarkable career to run.” ChaelSonnen said.

The 39-year-old fighter, who wrestled for the University of Oregon, moved from 177 pounds to 190 pounds to face Ortiz, who competed for Cal State Bakersfield. “The Gangster from West Linn” pinned Ortiz in 44 seconds in their Jan. 23, 1998 match, a date which also happened to be Ortiz’s birthday.


The status of former three times UFC champion Chael Sonnen may change as the player is contemplating a dramatic return to the ring.

Sonnen who has been out on a two years suspension having tested positive for a banned substance is now ready to make his comeback to the arena that made him a champion.

The former UFC champion is thought to be nursing a comeback as he has been admitted for drug testing with the United States anti-doping agency (USADA) which is the norm for fighters who may have retired but still desire some feel of the action at the Octagon.

Sonnen who has already tested twice under UFC drug testing policy asked to be enrolled into the drug testing pool as enforced by USADA. According to UFC officials: “He requested to be enrolled in the registered testing pool as he is contemplating a return to competition.”

Chael Sonnen To Make A Comeback This Year

It is a common norm when UFC fighters build up hype for their upcoming fight by stating they are looking to beat the blues out of their opponents.

Chael Sonnen has adopted a similar strategy to get the hype up for his upcoming UFC event. Chael as well as Georges St-Pierre has left the Octagon for quite some time, about three years now. Last they participated in UFC 167. They might come back in the ring again this year, from the look of things. St-Pierre at the age of 35 had taken to retire or an absence of undetermined period of time. This happened after he defended his title in the welterweight division. The fight had been against Johny Hendricks. It is rumored that the Canadian is looking to make a comeback and that might happen this year.

Chael Sonnen Advises McGregor And His Coach

Most experienced fighters know how to talk trash and get the attention on their upcoming fight or any fighter they wish to promote.

Chael Sonnen has been doing the same. Many feel it is about promoting a fight as he has been contradicting the coach of Conor McGregor. It is about a recent issue at UFC. McGregor has refused to promote the upcoming fight with Nate Diaz. For that he has come up at the dagger’s end with the UFC. The fight is scheduled to take place on July 9th and would be part of the UFC 200 event.

McGregor then states that he would pull out of the fight as the UFC is also set to pull the plug on this fight. On his behalf John Kavanagh, his coach, has been stating that his fighter would get out of the fight and has been asking the fans to support him as well. Chael Sonnen has opposed the stance taken by John Kavanagh. He stated in his podcast that, he respects coaches and that they have a distinct role in the careers of fighters. But in this case he felt that John was taking a decision on the part of his fighter which should not be his call. Sonnen stated that John needs to guide his fighter in the right way. It is not about money being made and hence, he should not care whether a game is not being promoted right or getting busted as he decides not to play along.

Chael Sonnen says Brock Lesnar could still return to UFC

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC’s Middleweight and Light Heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen was one of the many who wanted to see Brock Lesnar make his return to the promotion. And while the former UFC Heavyweight champion renewed his contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, the American Gangster is not closing the door on his return to the cage just now.

However, he said he understands what Lesnar meant when he said that his legacy inside the Octagon was over.

Sonnen, who now works as an analyst for the UFC said that he thought that it was pretty obvious, adding that he felt that Lesnar played it the best way he could have done to make it believe that he was indeed returning to fight.

Lesnar, who had a 5-3 Mixed Martial Arts and 4-2 UFC record, was on the verge of becoming a free agent with his contract nearing its end. However, just before WWE’s flagship event Wrestle Mania kicked off, Lesnar announced that he had signed a new deal, effectively ending all speculation linking him with a return to the UFC.

And despite the new contract, Chael Sonnen doesn’t think that there is no possibility of Lesnar ever making a comeback in the future. According to the American, UFC president Dana White enjoys a strong relationship with WWE boss Vince McMahon and just because he signed the contract, doesn’t mean he will never come to the UFC.